FacialsSkin Rituals Day Spa invites you to experience the best facials in Portland with our "Art of Rituals". Rituals have been practiced since the beginning of time in many ancient cultures - they connect us, ground us and provide us with a deep sense of relaxation.


Facial Rituals

We offer the following 5 rejuvenation Facial Rituals using USPA/USkin skin care products from Australia.  Facial prices are determined by what "Concept" you choose to carry out your chosen Facial Ritual.

Hydramax Facial - for dry, devitalized skin needing deep hydration. This facial encourages the skin to retain moisture by harmonizing with fatty acids found in camellia oil, evening primrose oil and avocado oil. The skin is then revitalized with chamomile & calendula and moisturized with rose & jasmine.

Regenerative Facial - ideal for rebuilding and repairing damaged or aging skin with antioxidants found in olive leaf, ginko, ginseng and green tea. Uspa's potent encapsulated Vitamin C reduces signs of aging through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Refining Facial - enhance the skin by using Uspa's botanical fruit acid treatment (25% AHA) to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone, diminish age spots and smooth areas of roughness. Allows a fresher, more radiant skin to emerge.

Purifying Facial - for oily skin types that need to be rebalanced we suggest this special combination of healing therapies to reduce impurities and improve skin integrity. Peppermint stimulates and lime purifies while bergamot and vetiver balance. Juniper and sandalwood improve pore function while burdock promotes sebum regulation and controls bacteria growth. Mud therapy refreshes congested skin.

Desensitizing Facial - for all sensitive skin types including clients with rosacea, psoriasis and allergies. Soothes and balances while strengthening cells of the epidermis with chamomile, jojoba, borage and calendula. Reduce heat and inflammation with comfrey, German chamomile, gotu kola and geranium.

Facial Concepts

Facial ServicesUspa Concept - our signature and most decadent concept begins with a warm foot soak, exfoliation of the leg & foot, and a soothing massage while we apply our signature Rose & Tangerine moisturizer. You then change into a gown or robe and begin a series of relaxing massage moves on the back, neck, face, d'ecollet'e, scalp, ear, hand and arm. Our unique Balinese Body Palming is added for stress reduction. A 90 minute total body experience! $100.00

European Concept - our classic and most requested facial incorporates 50 massages moves of the face, neck and d'ecollet'e with a soothing hand & arm massage. The ultimate 60 minute facial! $75.00

Healing Concept (MLD - Manual Lymphatic Drainage) - this centuries old rhythmic pumping technique manually stimulates the lymphatic vessels to flush out toxins, abate swelling and inflammation and temporarily tighten facial skin, making wrinkles less pronounced. Excellent for those with rosacea, sensitive skin or acne who cannot take the more stimulating movements in the European or Concept Facials. Highly recommended for post plastic surgery treatment, this 60 minute relaxing and healing concept also includes a hand & arm massage. $75.00

Teen Concept - similar to the mini concept with a focus on educating teens on how to care for their skin. Product recommendations and home care instructions are provided to each client. Light extractions, if needed. No facial massage. 45 minute/$45.00

Back FacialsBack Facial - a cleansing treatment for a much overlooked area of the body. Popular with brides and prom-goers whose dresses feature low cut backs. We cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturize and perform light extractions during this 45 minute procedure for $65.00. Clients requiring more extractions will be charged accordingly: 60 minutes $75.00

Ultrasonic Facial - a unique 3-step facial that includes a microdermabrasion, antioxidant infusion and microcurrent! Read more about this facial on our "Services" page. $75.00